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The key to the design of any bathroom is its centerpiece, the bathtub, and its smaller brother, the sink. These essential elements of the bathroom aesthetic can produce a full range of stylistic affects. Nella Vetrina’s collection of luxury sinks and bathtubs ranges from modern to traditional and incorporates materials both classic and revolutionary. Despite the diverse styles and materials, one thing remains consistent: a dedication to the utmost quality not only in design but also in manufacture and production. Our Italian spirit allows us to accept nothing less than the finest.

One of the things that guarantees the quality of our bathroom sink and tub collection is the materials used in our designs. Whether these pieces are in a traditional material like glass or a technologically advanced artificial resin, our team wonderfully exploits the features of each substance. The resins, for instance, offer a wonderfully smooth texture, very much like natural stone. They include K-Plan, Tecnoril, and Mitek, which are very easily maintained and cleaned. Because these resins are used throughout most sinks and tubs—and not just as finishes—even deep damage can easily be scoured away.

The perfect unification of material and design can be found in the Sasso series of designer washbasin. This series is inspired by river pebbles—sasso is Italian for stone—and each sink mimics the smooth, irregular curves of water-polished stones throughout its body, perfectly emulating the look and feel of a stone rubbed smooth by the gentle flow of a creek. The sink is a solid piece of Cristalplant, a unique material that matches the silky, non-porous texture of natural stone. Cristalplant, like our artificial resins is remarkably easy to maintain: superficial stains can be removed with nothing more than soapy water, and, as it is consistent throughout, deeper marks and even burns can be erased with a household abrasive cleaner. The perfect companion to a Sasso sink is the Vov tub, inspired by the egg, perhaps nature’s simplest and most powerful form. Vov is constructed out of a solid piece of K-Plan and like the Sasso sink is available in black or white.

Another inspiring pair of tubs and sinks is the Kalla sink and Kallaguan bathtub. Both of these designs employ the artificial K-Plan to produce a wonderful organic affect. Both Kalla and Kallaguan are characterized by a single fold, which resembles nothing less beautiful than a rose pedal. Nella Vetrina also offers more modern Italian designs like the Spring sink, with its shallow basin of amber glass mounted on a body of white resin, or the Goccia sink, with its asymmetrical, sculptured body. For modern bathtubs, nothing surpasses the form of the dual chrome Accademia, which is most notable for its selection of glossy and matte external lacquers that demonstrates the Italian passion for bright, expressive color.

From our materials and designs to our wide selection of sizes and finishes, Nella Vetrina prides itself on one of the most expansive and luxurious collections of Italian sinks and tubs for inspired home design.

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