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Vistosi Ceiling Lights

The Vistosi ceiling light collection combines fine European design with a long tradition of Venetian glass manufacturing. Its inspiration draws on fifty years of crafting designer glass lighting along with new trends, emphasizing essential lines and shapes.

The subtle elegance of Lio and Diadema ceiling lights provide a perfect example of the unobtrusive brilliance that the right ceiling light can create. The Diadema ceiling light series consists of slender glass tubes covering a rectangle of light. The Lio, designed by Vetreria Vistosi, gives off a soft light that illuminates layers of glossy white and crystal glass. The clean light of the Lio is available in three different sizes of disc, or in tubes extending down from the ceiling that can be set straight or at an angle.

For a bold ceiling light, few designs top Matthias Hickl’s Tubes series. The solid rectangular prisms of glass in each Tubes light seem calm at first, but the different sizes coming down from the ceiling create a jagged, angular effect that contrasts with the regularity of the light’s components. The Tubes ceiling light series also encourages creativity with single components available for installation in a design of one’s choice. Tubes lamps come in smoky or diafano white semi-transparent glass.

Giogali, Ecos, and Diamante ceiling lights provide a more decorative look as their glass elements extend down from the ceiling. None is more stunning than the Giogali. The largest Giogali stretches up to ten feet from the ceiling with magnificent strings of handmade glass elements dangling down in three different layers. Giogali is available in customized structures and smaller sizes. The color choices for Giogali lamps are crystal, white, black, chrome, gold, or bronze.

The Vistosi ceiling light collection presents a range of options that demonstrate the artful craftsmanship and innovative design for which Vistosi is renowned.

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