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Terzani Chandeliers

Nella Vetrina's Terzani chandeliers showcase renowned international designers who strive to bring a contemporary sensibility to each design. Terzani's Atlantis, Stream and Soscik chandeliers feature elegant metal chains draped over magnificent suspended lighting structures.

The Terzani Atlantis chandelier stretches to truly magnificent proportions. In its largest size, Atlantis takes nearly three miles of metal chain rippling over three levels of exquisitely undulating support. Though the Atlantis uses decidedly non-traditional material, it glows with the elegance of a classic chandelier. This chandelier is available in four different colors. It is most brilliant in nickel as it reflects stunning white light. Gold and bronze give the light of this chandelier a slightly warmer character while black nickel allows the depth of this design to be appreciated. Terzani’s Atlantis chandeliers are available in two- and three-level arrangements.

Terzani’s Stream chandelier drapes thin curtains of metal chain off of a fascinating nickel-plated support. The frame of this Christian Lava design is a work of art. Its flowing twists and turns let the hanging metal chains trace beautiful curves that form mysterious figures. The Soscik chandelier series realizes the elegance of a chandelier in a contemporary design. As interlaced chains wrap around this sturdy, circular support, they reflect light in a brilliant pattern that sometimes sparkles and sometimes envelops itself in a gorgeous shadow.

Terzani's penchant for innovation is demonstrated by each of its chandeliers. While retaining the traditional magnificence of this form, designers bring contemporary style to their chandeliers. The Terzani chandelier collection is suitable for home, office, or contract projects.

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