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Bathroom Vanities - Symi
  • Symi

  • Collection : Symi
  • Number : 102
  • Type : Bathroom Vanities
  • Material : Wood
  • Dimension :  
    51.4"W  x  20.3"D  x  16.9"H
    49.6"W  x  20.5"D  x  0.6"H
    35.4"W  x  1.2"D  x  43.9"H
    47.8"W  x  9.1"D  x  34.3"H
Symi 102 contemporary Italian modular bathroom vanity shown in 51.3" Cotto-colored coarse-pore oak base with flash integrated top in mineralmarmo. Semi-columns in Bianco glossy lacquer. Combining versatility with style to create a wide program of modularity and function. Featuring special worked tops and sides, recessed handles, total width fronts and original finishes including heat-treated oak and marbles; all which can be fully tailored and customized. Modular base widths: 28.3”, 39”, 42.5”, 49.6”, 51.1”, 56.7”, 70.9”, 85”. Modular base depths: 9”, 15.3”, 21.5”. Modular base heights: 6.8”, 16.9”. Wash basins options: integrated with mineral marble, glass or Corian. Handles milled to the door. Mirrors available in various options: custom made, standard, LED vertical lighting, and shaped mirrors. Made in Italy.


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