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Bathroom Vanities - Sintesi
  • Sintesi

  • Number : 102
  • Type : Bathroom Vanities
  • Material : Clay
  • Dimension :  
    85.0"W  x  15.3"D  x  10.0"H
    85.0"W  x  21.6"D  x  10.0"H
    17.7"W  x  15.0"D  x  8.3"H
    74.4"W  x  1.2"D  x  15.7"H
    17.7"W  x  1.2"D  x  49.2"H
Sintesi 102 contemporary Italian modular bathroom vanity shown in polvere 85.04" colored-clay base with a Milltek and clay top. Combining smooth and tactile elements without limits to functionality and modularity. Featuring special worked tops and sides, recessed handles, total width fronts and original finishes including heat-treated oak and stones; all which can be fully tailored and customized. Base/Top finish options: 15 laminates, 27 matt or high glossy lacquers, 4 clays, 17 matt veneers and 1 high glossy veneer. Additional top options: 27 extra clear glass finishes, Mineralmarmo, Milltek, Corian, Bianco Ceramicato and 10 marbles. Wash basins options: Semi-inset, Undermounted, Above Counter, Sit-On and integrated sink top. Modular Base widths: 21.2", 28.3", 31.8", 35.4", 38.9", 42.5", 49.6", 56.6". Modular Base depths: 15.2", 18.5", 21.4". Modular base heights: 9.4", 14.2", 18.1", 27.2". Opening options: Groove handle, 3 handle types or push latch without handle. Materials are hand-picked and eco-friendly, rendering the highest quality. Made in Italy.


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