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Few home items can give one a more majestic and uplifting feeling than that of a luxuriating steam or sweat in a home steam room or sauna. Such rooms connect us to the rich tradition of European bathing. Whether one connects steam to the imperious Ancient Roman public baths or more modern iterations in Budapest, the feeling that one gets in either moist or dry heat is utterly relaxing. To help give this luxury to our customers, Nella Vetrina offers a range of Italian steam room generators and saunas.

Nella Vetrina’s steam rooms bring together numerous different materials in order to best complement one’s home décor. Using prized materials like Italian marble and glass, Nella Vetrina can combine its selection of materials and colors to produce the ideal steam room for any given home. Yet the most important element of all steam rooms is the steam generator. Nella Vetrina features several high-end steam generators that offer numerous features. The Aquasteam generator, for instance, has a body of white glass and bowl of white resin. Clear, backlit digital controls have been seamlessly integrated into this generator’s overall design. A subtler model of steam room generator is the Nuvola Smart Power, which generates its steam from behind a single wedge.

While the look of our steam generators adds an air of luxury, the most important aspect of their design is a series of advanced technological features that makes them simple to use. All of our steam room generators have touch screen controls that allow intuitive control of temperature and water flow. Our models also feature a built-in cleansing system. While all steam generators have these features, models can also be purchased with optional features, such as sound systems and white or colored backlights, which add to the pleasure of the steam experience.

For those who prefer a drier heat, Nella Vetrina also carries modular saunas. These sauna rooms feature benches and heater available in three different kinds of wood as well as a lighting system with five variations of relaxing color. Our models include the Mid sauna, which houses both a sauna and hammam, a Moroccan steam room, as well as Logica, which adds a Turkish Bath to the traditional sauna.

Though all our steam room generators and saunas originate in Italy, they offer international perspectives on this shocking form of luxury. Nella Vetrina’s Steam Room and Sauna Collection is highly recommended for all who seek to relax and enjoy steamy or dry heat in the comfort of their own home.