Nella Vetrina

Hanging / Pendant Lights - Iceberg
  • Iceberg

  • Number : 80
  • Type : Hanging / Pendant Lights
  • Material : Crystal
  • Dimension :  
    31.5"W  x  31.5"D  x  13.5"H
    35.5"W  x  35.5"D  x  15.8"H
    47.3"W  x  47.3"D  x  17.8"H
    47.3"W  x  47.3"D  x  19.8"H
    63.0"W  x  63.0"D  x  27.5"H
    70.8"W  x  70.8"D  x  27.5"H
Iceberg 80 Italian crystal hanging light produced using the highest quality crystals in the world to create one of a kind artworks. The collection uses classic artisan techniques to create refined crystals in various shapes and sizes one by one. Available in a variety of crystal colors and featuring Stainless Steel hardware. Made in Italy. 


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