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Our Italian design team have realized numerous cutting edge furniture designs in a variety of metal materials in our collection of designer metal furniture.

Nella Vetrina’s vision is to provide its customers with a truly unique aesthetic experience. We seek to remove people from the conventional realms of furniture design and bring them to new and undiscovered levels of design. Seizing on modern technological developments, our designs are brought to life in a endless range of metal finishes, from bronze to stainless steel, aluminum, chrome and more than 30 galvanic metal finishes to create truly unique one off masterpieces for both residential and hospitality spaces.

The highlight of our Metal Furniture Collection is clearly Onda. This series of desks and chairs in polished or brushed stainless steel focuses on the precision of line and splendor of curve to form furniture that stimulates the senses. Handcrafted on the Amalfi Coast, Italy, The Onda desk consists of a single sideways arc, tapering slightly at the desk’s edge. Here the polished stainless steel perfectly reflects its surroundings to create a striking reflective centerpiece. For a modern office, one need look no further than the Onda desk. Yet the Onda series does not limit itself to the office. Instead it boldly stretches into the living room, where the sensuous S-shape of the Onda lounge chair exposes the thrills of stainless steel and numerous contrasting finishes to a new environment.

While the Onda series shows the versatile uses to which a single concept can be realized in various stainless steel forms, the rest of Nella Vetrina’s Metal Furniture Collection demonstrates the diversity possible within a single material. The expertise of our designers means that they know the exact extent and capabilities of the material that they are working with. Their Italian heritage means that they bring a unique sense of style to each design. The Globo end table gives us a glimpse of a masterpiece in bronze. As a single spiral support winds from base to tabletop we get to see the luster of bronze from every angle. Another fine use of bronze is Florida Lux, a desk composed of bronze squares differing slightly in color. For works of art in stainless steel we refer you to the Keu series, a minimalist series of dining tables and consoles that brings a modernist aesthetic to any room in which it is placed.

Metal furniture provides the perfect medium for our designers to demonstrate the cutting-edge sensibility for which Italy is famous throughout the world. For more information on our metal furniture designs, or to create a custom design for residential or hospitality spaces, please reach out to our showroom design team for more information.

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