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The Nella Vetrina Glass Furniture Collection seeks to bring this quintessentially Italian tradition to a new level, working with a select group of international designers to join contemporary design with innovative techniques to create one of kind glass masterpieces.

For most of the last millennium Italy has been associated with the making of glass creations. Many cutting-edge developments of glassmaking, whether centuries old or merely a few years, began in Italy. The starting point for modern Italian glassmaking is the city of Venice, specifically the island of Murano, which occupies a mere half square mile in the lagoon just north of Venice proper. Here, where the glass of many pieces in Nella Vetrina’s designer glass furniture collection originates, the glaziers still blow glass by hand as they did hundreds of years ago. This artisanal precision forms the basis of all our glass furniture and makes each piece an exquisite work of art. The next element in the manufacture of Nella Vetrina’s glass furniture is our international team of designers.

Bringing together the work of dozens of Italian and European designers, our Italian Glass Furniture Collection shatters expectations, proving that focusing on one material, far from limiting creativity, can bring out the unique essence of a designer’s vision. For tables, one need look no further than the duo of d’Urbino-Lomazzi. Among their number of striking designs is the Rosa del Deserto, which rests on four beautiful geometric flower petals, all made of glass. Karim Rashid, one of the most prolific designers of his generation, contributes the Kat table, which unites clear, smoked, and frosted glass into a table composed of three distinct egg-shaped elements.

Yet perhaps the most stunning element of our collection is the ways in which this venerable material can be updated with the help of modern technology. For example, a unique bonding agent that allows nearly invisible seams has opened up a whole world of designs that would otherwise have been impractical. Take our Elica accent table, which is supported by a double helix of fanning lines, or the Albero, a seemingly impossible bookcase. Cutting-edge designs like these advance global glass furniture through opening new paths that will serve as points of reference for years to come.

While technology enables some of our pieces to exist, others are the result of our expert artisans. Our extensive range of colored glass, for instance, is created by the painstaking efforts of these artisans to blend the perfect amount of coloring agent into the glass mix. Since Nella Vetrina’s furniture is made in collaboration with these artisans, we can offer many designs in numerous colors and sizes. Nella Vetrina’s Italian Glass Furniture Collection features an ideal combination of modern design and old-world technique to create incredible furniture for the contemporary home.

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