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Nella Vetrina’s modern designer furniture collections are hand-made in Italy, with many of the designs created by leading Italian designers whose names are becoming internationally renowned. The designs draw inspiration from the sleekness and attention to detail of European modern design, while breaking new ground in innovation.

Modern style connects us to cutting edge ideas, innovative concepts, and contemporary culture. The form, feel, and materials of each design in our modern collection reflect each designer’s personal vision of the contemporary world. Yet these visions encompass a vast range. For instance, the Freud sofa connects two contrasting ideas: the sleekness of the sofa’s form and upholstery with the sophisticated range of neutral colors that the designers have selected for this design. In contrast, the Ginevra swivel chair brings the sensual curves of its plush leather seat and back combined with its shiny metal swivel in chrome, suitable for both a living or office environment. Ginevra, like all of Nella Vetrina’s pieces, is available in a wide range of upholstery options, including luxurious Italian fabrics and soft Italian leathers to choose from.

Nella Vetrina’s vision is to bring out the inherent beauty of a range of luxurious materials. Our modern furniture collection moves beyond leather and fabric upholstery to explore the beauty of metal, wood, and even glass. The precise angles and reflectivity of stainless steel make it a fascinating medium for an adventurous designer, and exhibit the mastery of our craftsmen. See, for example, the Onda coffee table, a gleaming loop within a loop, or the Rigo bookcase, a single line folded and stacked on itself. No less stunning are our exotic woods, which boast a natural exquisiteness that our designers expertly exploit. The Blade case, made of ebony, showcases the grain and natural features of the wood while allowing the deepness of its tawny and sorrel strains to merge with its bronze legs. The Vanity dining table introduces us to a new combination of materials, putting an opaque glass top upon a wooden V. The range of woods, such as beech and ebony, as well as numerous colors of glass produce a synergetic effect, mutually complementing the beauty of one another while allowing a perfect fit for one’s desired style.

Nella Vetrina offers modern designer furniture for a wide range of residential and hospitality projects. From the bedroom, living room, and dining room in the home to the modern office, the high quality, unique materials, and innovative designs of our collections guarantee that one of our pieces will provide the ideal modern look desired by our clients.

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