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Nella Vetrina collaborates with leading Italian designers and artisans to create our unique collection of luxury mirror furniture. With designers including Mazza and La Spada, we have maintained our position at the international forefront of luxury furniture design, all made in Italy.

The connection between mirrors and Italy is strong. In fact, the modern mirror was first developed on the island of Murano in the 16th century. This island off the coast of Venice, which to this very day remains renowned for its hand-made glass, established the first chemical treatments that turned mere glass into an elegant mirror. Though technology has greatly expanded the options available to contemporary designers, the connection forged that many years ago makes Italy the ideal place to find mirrors and mirrored furniture.

Truly luxurious mirrors incorporate diverse materials such as capitonne leather, burnished gold leaf, silver leaf, marble, onyx and lacquered wood available in any RAL color. For instance, the Marey mirror is outlined in hand-made fabric upholstery and comes in a variety of metal trims. For customers who desire a more contemporary look, Nella Vetrina offers mirrors like Shiki, composed of two overlapping circles, one of which revolves around the other at a single point.

Yet many of our most impressive offerings are not mirrors in the traditional sense, but rather furniture that effortlessly incorporates mirrors into its design. The Prism Mirror dining table provides the perfect centerpiece for the modern dining room. Every inch of its surface is covered in the luxurious glimmer of reflection and the grinding of its glass edges lends an extravagant shimmer to the Prism Mirror, which in the perfect light of the afternoon sun can often be seen bursting forth with all colors of a true prism. A more subtle use of mirrored glass can be found in the Sahara chest of drawers. In Sahara’s design, drawers in rich wenge oak join sides and top in mirrored glass to produce a wonderful contrast in material.

Part of the beauty of Nella Vetrina’s collection of mirrors and mirrored furniture comes from its highly technological elements. Thanks to recent developments our mirrors come in extra thin glass, tinted smoke glass, fume grey glass, bronze glass, semi transparent mirror options including stop sol and even polished stainless steel (see the exquisite Forma Mentis mirror). Since all of our pieces are hand-made in Italy our mirrors are available in custom RAL colors and custom sizes upon request. For custom sizing and color requirements, please inquire with our showroom design team at Nella Vetrina.