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Nella Vetrina features a selection of the finest designer Italian table lamps in modern and traditional styles. We work with world-renowned designers and master Italian craftsmen, blending fashion and art in fascinating, glamorous ways.

Our luxury Murano table lamps use the traditional glassworks of Murano, a Venetian island admired through the centuries for its unique glass art. Each piece is marked with a distinct pattern of waves and particles, which make every Murano glasswork an irreproducible work of art.

We offer luxury designer table lamps in contemporary and traditional styles. Our contemporary table lamps represent the avant garde of Italian, and therefore global, design. These luxurious pieces are inspired by the worlds of contemporary fashion and art. The Barlmoral designer lamp rest on a serpentine coil of aluminum and Swarovski crystal; our Frame lamp hangs in a black wooden frame, appearing something like a deconstructed television set. The Sixty table lamp is shaded with a delicate net of interlocked Murano glass plates, and the body of the Rainbow lamp is a cylindrical jacket of beautiful smoked crystal.

Our classic and traditional Italian table lamps are modeled on the immortal interiors of 17th and 18th century France and Italy. These stately pieces blend that aesthetic with a distinctly contemporary sensibility—part of which is their environmentally conscientious production process. Although inspired by historical designs, these lamps are built with future generations in mind. See, for example, the 8054 table lamp from our Italamp collection, a classic shape built entirely with stunning blue crystal, or the Muse lamp, which recreates the look of a traditional hanging lamp.

Because each of our table lamp designs are handmade in Italy by master craftsmen, they will far outlast their mass-produced counterparts. This individual attention also allows us to offer each light in a number of custom sizes, materials, colors, and finishes.

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