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Nella Vetrina presents a selection of designer Italian wall units in a range of styles, including modern, transitional and traditional designs, and produced in materials including glass, mirror and a variety of precious woods. Many of our wall units are also modular offering limitless customization.

Nella Vetrina's modern and contemporary designer Italian wall units are inspired by the worlds of contemporary fashion and art. They represent the cutting edge of European and international design. Our Tonelli collection includes more than a dozen designer glass wall units constructed in transparent, extra clear and reflective colored glass showcasing some of the industry’s most cutting edge designs, see, for example, the Transistor wall unit, a wall-hung piece modeled on a branching electronic circuit. Our designer modern wood wall units also include eclectic pieces like the Strip and the Brasillia, which incorporate ideas from classical and contemporary design, and are constructed purely from lovely American Walnut. Our traditional and classic designer Italian wall units are modeled on the classic designs of 17th and 18th century France and Italy. They are built by hand out of Cherrywood, and recreate the colorful interiors of classical Europe; each is available in any of 31 lacquered colors. See our Epater wall unit, which features Cherrywood naturally stained with lacquered black accents. Our transitional and eclectic designer wall units take equally from the modern and classical styles, creating a timeless effect. Many incorporate both the beautiful colors of our traditional units and the modernist simplicity of our contemporary designs. The wide net of their influences, and their modular designs, gives them unmatched flexibility. As with all Nella Vetrina's collections, our designer Italian wall units are handmade by expert Italian craftsmen. This ensures that they are of the very highest quality, and that each piece can be customized in size, material, and color, to suit any space.