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Luxury Designer Mirrors

Our luxury Italian designer mirrors represent the finest in European design. We offer modern, transitional and traditional styles, all of which meld elements of fashion and furniture in a unique range of luxurious materials.

Nella Vetrina’s modern and contemporary Italian designer mirrors are the work of industry innovators like Mazza and La Spada, as well as promising young European designers. These artful designs set the pace for the international design community. Many of our luxury mirrors incorporate diverse materials such as capitonne leather, burnished gold leaf, silver leaf, marble, onyx and lacquered wood available in any RAL color. This modernist style is well represented by any of the mirrors in our Tonelli collection, like the Shiki mirror, composed of two overlapping circles, one of which revolves around the other at a touch.

Designer Italian mirrors in the transitional style occupy a space between experimentation and tradition. They draw their inspiration from a historical moment as recent as Art Nouveau and as distant as the Baroque, and filter these designs with a contemporary sensibility. Their most prominent materials are Oak, Walnut, American Walnut and Italian Cherrywood.

Our traditional and classic French and Italian painted mirrors revive the exquisite designs and manufacturing techniques of 17th and 18th century France and Italy. Like their historical models, these pieces play with a variety of colors and materials, each mirror is available in one of 31 lacquer colors. They are made with the same techniques that allowed their classical inspirations to survive to today, and out of precious woods and from sustainable European nurseries. For an example of this timeless style see our Samovar mirror, the frame of which features intricate carvings of traditional floral and organic images, hand finished in a vibrant light blue lacquered wood.

Our Italian designer mirrors are available in custom RAL colors and custom sizes upon request. For custom sizing and color requirements, please inquire.