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Nella Vetrina showcases a selection of the finest luxury Italian designer dining tables. Designed by industry leaders and handmade by Italian master craftsmen, these exquisite designs dissolve the distinction between furniture and fashion.

Our modern and contemporary designer dining tables are created by such visionaries as Samuele Mazza and Alessandro La Spada, who have pushed the boundaries of design for decades and set the bar for the international design community. In addition to precious and exotic woods, these modern dining tables implement materials as diverse as shagreen, goat skin combined with metal, marble, glass and onyx. A perfect example of this incomparable high-end style is the Coliseum dining table, a piece in glossy lacquered wood supported by two layers of roman arches; the piece is stylish, decadent, and entirely unforgettable.

Luxury high end dining tables in the transitional style adapt the historical forms of design, from the Baroque to Art Deco, to this modernist sensibility. They are constructed out of, most notably, Italian Cherrywood and American Walnut. See any of the Cherrywood dining tables offered in our Materia collection: these pieces reduce classical curves with sleek, modern minimalism; the overall effect is a timeless, understated beauty.

Finally, Nella Vetrina's classic and traditional dining tables take their form and construction from the revered interiors of 17th and 18th century France and Italy. They are available in 31 lacquer colors and a variety of veneers, and are crafted from responsibly grown precious woods. Our Charme & Colors includes a selection of brightly colored dining tables with graceful curves and intricate carvings. Although these pieces are inspired by the history of European design, they are created with future generations in mind: they are built with the most environmentally responsible material, and the same traditional methods used to create their historical models, so that they will survive to become ‘the antiques of the future.’

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