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We feature a selection of the very finest luxury Italian designer coffee tables. Each table is the vision of a leading European designer and the work of Italian master craftsmen showcasing the highest quality raw materials and the finest furniture making techniques.

Our modern and contemporary Italian designer coffee tables set the bar for the international design community. These tables, inspired by the forms of contemporary art and fashion, represent the thinking of leading Italian designers, and are rendered in various materials in exotic woods, marble, onyx, glass and leather. Our Giorgio coffee table, for example, features a glass top supported by a ring of irregularly shaped steel upholstered in leather, resembling the hollowed out section of a tree-trunk.

Luxury Italian coffee tables in transitional styles showcase a modernist experimentalism and the long tradition of Italian design. These tables resurrect the forms of historical design, including elements of the Baroque, Nouveau and more, and imbue them with a modern sensibility. The most prominent materials in our transitional tables are precious woods including Italian Cherrywood and American Walnut.

Our classic and traditional Italian coffee tables are inspired by the elegant interiors of 17th and 18th century France and Italy. They feature 31 of the beautiful lacquered and painted colors that make each piece so distinctive, with every table handcrafted with the same durable techniques as their historical models. A piece representative of this classic style is the Cadre, an elegantly curved piece entirely in naturally stained Cherrywood, and carved with the curling accents distinctive of traditional Italian design. All of the precious woods out of which these pieces are sculpted are grown in environmentally responsible nurseries.

All of Nella Vetrina’s luxury Italian designer coffee tables are individually made by hand in Italy, so that we can guarantee their quality and offer them with a choice of custom sizes, materials and finishes.

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