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Nella Vetrina showcases the finest luxury Italian designer bookcases and cabinets. Leading Italian and European designers conceive each piece, which is constructed from exquisite materials by Italian master craftsmen in modern, transitional and traditional styles.

Our modern and contemporary Italian designer bookcases and cabinets take their inspirations from the forms of contemporary fashion and art. They are the brainchildren of world-renowned designers like Mazza, La Spada and Rashid, and integrate luxury woods including Ebony Makassar with exotic materials such as shagreen and goat skin to bring a unique glamour to any room in the contemporary space. Our contemporary designer glass cabinets and bookcases are at the forefront of innovation and set the benchmark in international contemporary furniture design. See our Rose cabinet, with its unforgettable finish of coarse metal resembling the cross-section of a giant tree, or the Teorema cabinet, featuring a collage of precious rosewood, steel, and mirrored glass.

Our luxury and high end bookcases and cabinets endow the beautiful forms of historical design with this experimental sensibility. In them you will find references to everything from the Baroque to Art Noveau. They are constructed from a variety of materials, most notably American Walnut and Italian Cherrywood. See the Vendome bookcase, in natural American Walnut and glass.

Finally, our traditional and classic Italian bookcases and cabinets revive the duly admired designs of 17th and 18th century France and Italy. They are available in any of the 31 lacquer colors inspired by these lovely models, and a variety of precious veneers. All of the wood used in these pieces is sourced from environmentally responsible nurseries, and joined using durable ancient methods like dovetail and mortise joinery.

All of Nella Vetrina's designer bookcases and cabinets are handmade in Italy, and are available in a number of custom sizes, materials, colors, and finishes. For custom sizing requirements, please inquire.

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