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Nella Vetrina features a selection of the finest Murano glass tiles and mosaic glass tiles for luxury residential and hospitality spaces. Murano has produced stunning unique glasswork for centuries, distinguished by its unpredictable waves, bubbles and imperfection.

The Venetian island of Murano has been renowned for centuries for creating some of the finest hand-blown glass in the world. Murano glass is exceptional for the purity of the materials used (only 99.9% pure 24 carat gold and silver are used for accents), and for the lovely ‘imperfections’ of the finished product. In the traditional melting process, each piece of Murano glass tile takes on a distinctive pattern of waves and bubbles; and because an element of randomness is involved, no such pattern can ever be perfectly recreated in another piece. Each of our Murano glass and Mosaic glass tiles is therefore a truly one-of-a-kind work of art.

Our selection of Murano glass tiles covers a wide range of styles, patterns, sizes, shapes, textures, transparencies, and colors. We offer, for example, mosaic tiles composed of hundreds of unique Murano glass pebbles, and square tiles each of which features a decorative design. Aria and Aqua are tiles that showcase the waves distinctive to Murano glass, and the Fucco series collects small, meticulous squares of dozens of stunning colors. The traditional production of Murano glass does not lend itself to homogenous mass production, because each piece requires patience and attention to detail; rather, it is ideally suited for short-run custom work. Nella Vetrina can therefore offer a nearly limitless variety of custom Murano glass tiles and luxury Mosaic glass tiles, so that a feature wall can be created to suit any contemporary home or hospitality space.

Our Murano tiles bring a luxurious, contemporary sensibility to that storied tradition. The tiles are designed and created by a team of Italian artisans, who have found in this ancient technique endless potential for innovation, including our unique screen-printed designs. These luxury tiles are produced using only the finest materials: all of the 24 carat gold, silver and platinum accents are 99.9 percent pure. Because each piece is handmade, we can offer a truly infinite variety of custom combinations and designs.

Our production process is green and efficient: waste glass is milled down to a fine powder, which is used to exquisite effect in a variety of Murano Glass tile products.