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Italian Ceramic Tiles

Nella Vetrina showcases a stylish selection of Italian ceramic tiles and luxury Italian tiles for the contemporary bathroom. Handcrafted by artists in Fiorano Modenese, our tiles bring a luxurious, modernist sensibility to the ancient ceramic tile tradition.

Nella Vetrina's Italian tiles are produced in the the northern heart of Italy’s storied ceramics tradition, and provide an unforgettable touch of glamour to contemporary spaces. Our collection incorporates and incredible range of styles. We offer italian ceramic tiles that are abstract and representational, monochrome and many-colored, and modeled on animal skins and classic films. Our White Urban ceramic Italian tiles has a richly detailed surface texture, each of which is perfectly unique. Compare them with our Crocodile tiles, and incredibly detailed mimicry of crocodile skin, available in many striking colors, or our Sabrina series, inspired by the classic Audrey Hepburn film, and featuring her image in intricate mosaics. Our Tufted tiles playfully replicate a buttoned upholstered surface, and the Assenzio is decorated with a fascinating, and seemingly mobile, pattern of gold lines.Our animal-inspired Italian ceramic tiles, Cobra and Crocodile, reproduce the sensual complexity of their natural models. Cobra’s snakeskin pattern is somehow both naturalistic and geometrical; Crocodile recreates its stunning natural pattern in a variety of beautiful colors.

Velvet and Hypnosis are two decadent designer tile concepts from our New Baroque series. Velvet creates a damask effect with elegant floral patterns that, as its name suggests, beg the viewer’s touch. Hypnosis alternates between modish ovoid shapes, perhaps ripples or even an olive. NeoPop and Sabrina are our two most explicitly referential Italian tile offerings. NeoPop plays with motifs of Pop Art and postmodern design—most significantly the Ben-Day dots of Lichtenstein and others—while Sabrina plays with the iconic images of Audrey Hepburn.

Although a ceramic surface is ideal for the bathroom and kitchen, our designer Italian tiles are at home as a feature wall in any living space, both residential and hospitality. Any of our available styles will create a bold and luxurious environment.

Nella Vetrina's designer tiles are handmade to order in Italy, as is everything that we offer. This means that their material and artistic quality is unmatched, and that we can offer a wide variety of customization: nearly all of our tiles are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Our tile collections utilize the most responsible materials, and we take every measure to minimize our environmental impact.