Nella Vetrina

Hanging / Pendant Lights - Deep Sky Orient
  • Deep Sky Orient

  • Number :
  • Type : Hanging / Pendant Lights
  • Material : Crystal/Stainless Steel
  • Dimension :  
    31.5"W  x  31.5"D  x  11.0"H
    39.3"W  x  39.3"D  x  11.0"H
    47.3"W  x  47.3"D  x  11.0"H
    31.5"W  x  31.5"D  x  15.8"H
    39.3"W  x  39.3"D  x  15.8"H
    47.3"W  x  47.3"D  x  15.8"H
Deep Sky Orient Italian crystal hanging light shown in stailess steel. Produced using the highest quality crystals in the world to create one of a kind artworks. The collection uses classic artisan techniques to create refined crystals in various shapes and sizes one by one. Pattern available in big or small. Available in many sizes. Made in Italy.


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