Nella Vetrina

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Nella Vetrina showcases the Terzani collection of luxury Italian lighting. Terzani is set apart by the incomparable quality of its materials and a certain complexity of design. These hand-crafted creations were born in Florence, Italy and set the bar for high end decorative lighting design.

Many of the collected designs are themselves collections of small, meticulously handcrafted units.Two pieces representative of this style are the Argent and Angel Falls hanging lights. Argent, described by its designer Dodo Arslan as a “silver cloud,” is a wild cluster of small reflective discs. These discs are arranged and set to a thousand different angles by painstaking craftsmen, in such a way that the light emanating from the center of the Argent is passed from disc to disc and reflected to the viewer at every level of brightness. In the Angel Falls light, designed by the famously unorthodox Nigel Coates, a number of handmade crystal “angel” figures are suspended at various depths from halogen or LED lamps. Each figure is unique, and, as in the Argent light, arranged at a different angle.

Other standout modern designs from the Terzani collection are the Untitled designer hanging light, a complex jumple of stainless steel profiles that resembles an M.C. Escher print, and Terzani's Atlantis collection, a luxury high end lighting range designed by Barlas Baylar, which is draped with hundreds of feet of nickel chain so fine that it could be mistaken for silk. Terzani also offers dozens of other luxurious designer chandeliers, hanging lights, wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps.

The Terzani collection's distinctive approach to modern designer lighting design is founded on the unique arrangement of meticulously crafted pieces, handmade and brought to life by master Italian craftsmen. This handmade philosophy also makes it possible for us to offer any of our pieces with a nearly limitless range of customization, so that a Terzani piece can be found to suit any contemporary home or hospitality space. For more information on custom creations for residential and hospitality projects, please inquire.

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