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Nella Vetrina presents the Manooi collection of custom made luxury crystal lighting. Manooi uses the finest crystals in the world to create dazzling, one-of-a-kind crystal lights.

The luxury crystal lights collected in Manooi were created by teams of young designers under the leadership of Janos Heder and Judit Zoltai. They encouraged free creativity, with only one restriction: that each Manooi light be built around crystal. Crystal is a fascinating medium for design, because of the unique ways in which it reflects and refracts light; and the Manooi collection incorporate the finest crystals anywhere. Each crystal is individually selected for its quality, shape, and lead content, and ground into form.

Manooi crystal lights are showcased in a bold, experimental style, one that expands our understanding and expectations of this beautiful material. The collection has a natural feel, and indeed many of the lights recreate natural forms, an iceberg, rainfall, the night sky—but to create such organic shapes out of crystal requires perfectly precise design and craftsmanship. The patience and skill of our craftsmen is made obvious by each piece.

See, for example, the Wish hanging light. The body of the light is a bent panel of black stainless steel; one portion of this panel emits light through a shower of hanging crystals. As a whole, the piece resembles something like an oar lifted out of the water; but the unexpected proportions and seeming imbalance of the piece give it an uncanny, otherworldly look. Or consider our Artica crystal hanging light. The Artica is an asymmetrical, oblong loop of crystals. Stray lines of crystal extend beyond the main body of the piece, enhancing the Artica’s natural feel: it gives the impression that it was formed in water, and resembles.

Every Manooi piece is individually handmade in Italy. This means that every piece receives intimate personal attention, and meets the highest standards of quality. We can offer the entire collection in a range of custom sizes, crystals and materials.

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