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Ivory & Ebony Bathroom

Ivory and Ebony is a collection of French and Italian painted bathroom furniture from Veneto, the birthplace of art furniture. These pieces take inspiration from the designs of 17th and 18th century France and Italy. Each is handmade with the traditional methods of Italian craftsmanship.

The designs, materials, and colors used in Ivory and Ebony’s painted bathroom furniture are based on historical models. The durable methods and materials used, like dovetail joinery and solid precious woods, are the same that allowed their historical inspirations to survive to this day—so not only do these pieces outshine their mass-produced counterparts, they will outlive them as well. They are designed to become ‘the antiques of tomorrow’.

Although the durability of our French and Italian painted bathroom furniture becomes clear with time, what one immediately notices is their striking color combinations. They wonderfully recreate the colorful interiors of Enlightenment Europe. More than 31 unique lacquered colors are available to choose from. The pieces can feature one color on the exterior and another, complementary color on the interior. The antique finishing replicates furniture of a previous generation or a more contemporary lacquered finish without antiquing is also available upon request. Tops can be produced in a wide selection of marbles, or a template can be provided for clients looking to create their own. Hardware and trims can be finished in bronze, gold or silver.

In addition to its wide palette of lovely colors, Ivory & Ebony painted bathroom furniture features the sumptuous curves of 17th and 18th century France and Italy. These soft lines and robust figures give Ivory & Ebony a playfulness that is not usually found in the minimalism of contemporary furniture. It is remarkable how these pieces, inspired by centuries-old designs and made with ancient methods, can bring a lighthearted, youthful beauty to the contemporary bathroom space.

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