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The sleek look of a designer metal light has a way of inspiring those around it. As the light reflects off of the metal surface it details the natural highlights and gleam inherent to this material. It produces an undeniably contemporary look, yet it also maintains an incredible versatility. This versatility can easily be seen in Nella Vetrina’s collection of metal lighting. Whether one is looking for a cool modern study in shape or a more ethereal and experimental design, we are sure to have something that will pique your interest in our Metal Collection.

Though our imaginative designers account for much of the diversity in this collection, the wide range of metals at their disposal contributes to the varied nature of their creations. Our designers mold chrome, nickel, and copper as they see fit, cover their metallic raw materials in galvanic satin gold or other colored lacquers. Some pieces allow our clients to choose among thirteen different metallic finishes. Regardless of what metal our designers have selected, quality is of utmost importance. To ensure the quality of our lights we hire experienced Italian artisans and smiths to weld and shape designs that often resemble complex works of art.

To appreciate how close design comes to art we recommend looking at the Obs hanging light. This light affixes metal plates to a central pole, engendering a futuristic aesthetic, which seems to best resemble a profoundly altered antenna. Looking at the white lacquer or copper of the Obs light, one can easily imagine seeing a similar sculpture in a contemporary art museum.

The futuristic appearance of Obs is best contrasted with the Planetarium chandelier. This subtle design consists of nickel-plated loops that sketch out a more traditional shape. Here the connection between modern materials and natural shape provides an excellent design contrast that one can only truly appreciate underneath the Planetarium’s glow.

In addition to these and other hanging lights our collection includes other types of lighting, like wall lights and table lamps. Our most striking wall model is the Anodine Circle, which consists of a circle of metal hammered personally by an Italian craftsman. Anodine Table, on the other hand distinguishes itself with the thirteen metal shades that emerge from the lamp base.

Because all designs in Nella Vetrina’s Metal Lighting Collection are handmade in Italy, we can offer them in a variety of finishes and sizes. To ensure that your metal light is the perfect fit for your home, please contact Nella Vetrina’s staff about options, samples, and requests for customization.