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A mere mile from the main island of Venice, Italy, lies Murano. Since 1291, when the Venetian Republic ordered all glass foundries to move to this island from the city, Murano has been known for its glassworks. The superior expertise and technique of the glaziers of Murano make their creations some of the finest lighting and furniture in the world. Nella Vetrina has compiled the Murano Glass Lighting Collection to bring the best lights from the Venetian Lagoon to contemporary homes.

The main reason that Murano glass has won such a favorable reputation is the glass-blowing process used throughout the island. Each piece of traditional Murano glass is hand-blown by a well-trained artisan. These master craftsmen use only the purest materials in the glass and in its accents (99.9% pure 24 carat gold and silver). Yet each time that the glass is blown presents conditions that can never be replicated, which leads to the formation of a pattern of imperfections, waves, and bubbles that also can never be replicated. Murano lights are thus one-of-a-kind works of art. Even those who live in homes with Murano lights are constantly noticing new features in the glass.

The intrinsic beauty of Murano glass is only enhanced by the designs for which it is used. Murano glass works exceptionally well in classic designs like Cavendramin or Capesaro. Both of these glass chandeliers share a fine traditional structure and arabesques; they are available in a range of colored glasses, but truly come to life in models with clear glass and gold or silver accents.

This wonderful, historical material can also be molded into entirely fresh and exciting forms. Consider our Zante chandelier, a bundle of Murano glass bells resembling a bunch of flowers, or even heraldic trumpets. It is an organic form, like ones we find in the traditional lights, but abstracted by one level; the result is beautiful and unexpected. The Ether Murano hanging light, by contrast, consists of a shallow inverted bowl from which hang strings of transparent Murano glass.

All of our Italian lights are individually handmade on the Venetian Island of Murano. This allows us to provide an incredible flexibility of design: these pieces can be created with custom sizes and colors, so that a Murano light can be found or created to suit any interior space. For more information on custom Murano creations, please contact the staff of Nella Vetrina.

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