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The properties of glass make it an excellent medium for constructing lighting. Its transparency, malleability, and ability to be dyed or lacquered make it ideal for designers who want to express unique ideas through this medium. Nella Vetrina’s collection of designer glass lighting forms an incredibly diverse collection because of the numerous visions that our designers have for this medium. With numerous colors and shapes at their disposal, our designers create glass lights that occasionally demonstrate a remarkable attention to modern formalism or just as easily resemble a sculpture and work of art in itself.

One of the most important elements of our collection comes at the end of all of our product descriptions: Made in Italy. The fact that Nella Vetrina’s glass lights are Italian is not only an explanation of their sense of style, but also hints at their quality. Italian glassmaking has won a well-earned reputation throughout the world, and all of Nella Vetrina’s glass lights are handmade by artisans who have been practicing their craft for years.

This artisanal quality of our lights contributes to their beauty. The Ecos ceiling light provides a stunning example. The form of Ecos is complex: several rings encircle the central light and come to resemble a sculpture at a modern art museum. Yet the finest element of Ecos is the glass rings that form the basis of this design. These rings are adorned with a different color on either side. Orange and white provide an enticing feeling of warmth, while black and white adds complexity. The My Lamp hanging light provides a showpiece equally as worthy as Ecos. This design eschews color, but binds 338 glass tubes in a single metal band for an impressive affect.

As Ecos makes clear, an essential part of the Glass Lighting Collection is color, particularly colored glass. For the designer, few things are as thrilling as the tinted light that such lamps emit. This collection includes several types of colored and smoked glasses that provide a brilliant complement to many kinds of décor. Take the smoked glass of the Membrane hanging light or the pastel colors of Jelly. Both of these designs allow their viewers to perceive the interior light bulb in—to indulge just once in a cliché—an entirely new light.

With such a wide range of designs, the lights in Nella Vetrina’s Glass Collection can match practically any interior decoration motif. Glass lights are available in numerous colors, sizes and models, including hanging, ceiling, and wall lights as well as table and floor lamps.

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