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Vistosi Wall Lights

Nella Vetrina presents the award-winning Vistosi collection of designer Italian wall lights. While drawing on a tradition of excellence, Vistosi’s designers strive to create high-quality glass pieces that showcase contemporary innovation.

The Minigiogali wall light series preserves the best features of the classic Giogali, but adds a contemporary touch. While the Minigiogali wall light, restyled in 2009, is available in a number of arrangements, its wall design is particularly stunning. Strands of interlocked glass loops hang like draped curtains over steel semicircles. The Minigiogali wall light series is available in custom-made structures and colors and comes in crystal, white, black, gold, chrome, or bronze. This wide selection enables the lamp to match any style of home décor.

The prize-winning team at Renato Toso, Noti Massari & Associates designed the Vistosi Ecos wall light series with contrast in mind. The bright glass rings in each Ecos wall light are at their most stunning in two contrasting colors, one on the inside and one on the outside. A bold duality can be found in the black/white or white/orange rings while multicolor, solid white, and alexandrite produce unique stylistic sensations. Each arc of these brilliant rings shines fascinating tones throughout a room.

Many other popular Vistosi wall light designs are available in wall settings, including the thin glass reeds of the Diadema and the modern blended glass of the Lio. Each Vistosi wall lamp displays artisanal expertise, scrupulous attention to detail, and cutting-edge design.

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