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Nella Vetrina features designer Italian transitional lighting taking inspiration from contemporary art and fashion and traditional European design; the result is a collection with a unique and timeless style.

Our transitional lighting is created by internationally renowned designers and handmade in Italy by master craftsmen. The collection includes some of the finest work of designers such admired designers as Samuele Mazza, Nigel Coates, and Alessandro la Spada. The many different philosophies of our designers are reflected in the diversity of the collection: we find lights that fall over every spectrum. See, for example, our Bird chandelier, a decadent affair featuring cascades of Swarovski crystals and fringes of white grouse feathers. The fundamental form of the Bird is traditional, but the execution and style are unmistakably modern. The Blasius chandelier, from the same collection as Bird, is a sloping helix of crystal and chrome. Both of these pieces are rich and unforgettable; but just as striking are the more reserved lights, for example the Corner chandelier, a traditionally inspired piece with classical curves and floral motifs, built entirely out of Murano glass.

The Corner is one of Nella Vetrina's many transitional designer Italian lights featuring Murano glass. Murano, an island region in Venice, has long been known across the world for its stunning original glassworks. Murano glass uses only the purest materials, including accents of 99.9% pure 24 carat gold and silver. Each piece of Murano glass has a perfectly unique pattern of waves and bubbles. Because an element of randomness is involved in the development of these patters, it is impossible ever to perfectly reproduce any piece; the Nella Vetrina lights that incorporate Murano glass are therefore truly one-of-a-kind.

Because everything showcased by Nella Vetrina is handmade to order in Italy, we can offer nearly limitless customizations of size, material, and color, so that a transitional light can be created to suit any contemporary home or hospitality space.

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