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Terzani Hanging / Pendant Lights

The Terzani hanging light collection is characterized by innovative designs that strive to present the inherent beauty of complex designs that capture everything from the majesty of nature to the formalism of modern art.

One of the most striking Terzani hanging lights in this collection can be found in the Mizu series. Designer Nicolas Terzani's inspiration for the Mizu hanging light came from the brilliant qualities that light acquires as it passes through water. The lamp’s similarities with water extend from the quality of its light to the utterly unique hand-made crystal drops that form each Mizu lamp. The Mizu lamp is available in brushed nickel crystal or white gold crystal. While the brushed nickel hanging light has an astonishing and sometimes chilling effect, the white gold lends its light incredible warmth. The Terzani Atlantis hanging light recalls the natural majesty of a waterfall. As they cascade from a seemingly organic structure, chains of metal begin to glitter and throw stunning patterns in all directions.

The Argent hanging light from the Terzani collection simply shimmers. The meticulous work of master craftsmen has made this exquisite Dodo Arslan design a reality. Miniature discs of white stainless steel are joined by hand into clusters that seem like an ephemeral metal cloud. The Etoile hanging light twists the simplicity of a geometric line into an amazingly complex creation. Christian Lava has arranged numerous straight nickel shafts into fascinating shapes, whose form and shadows can confound one’s vision.

Terzani's collection of hanging lights provides a stunning glimpse at the range of Terzani's lighting designs and the skill of its Florence based design team. This collection contains numerous lights suitable for residential and hospitality projects.