Bathroom Vanities - Ritz
  • Ritz

  • Number : Bathroom Vanity
  • Type : Bathroom Vanities
  • Material :  
  • Dimension :  
    71.3"W  x  21.7"D  x  21.7"H
    27.2"W  x  14.4"D  x  4.9"H
    61.0"W  x  2.2"D  x  42.5"H
    82.3"W  x  39.4"D  x  24.8"H
Ritz luxury bathroom vanity. Inspired by literature, architecture and fashion lifestyle of the 1930s, Ritz pays homage to American Scott Fitzgerald and the Italian Empire period. Featuring lacquered portals, decorated glass tiles and stone tops to create a prestigious ambiance. Italian bathtubs, mirrors, washbasins and storage cabinets complete the high design and architectural collection. Body available in 27 colors. Front tiles: available in alligator gold glass, cante glass, golden crush glass and lacquered glass in 27 colors. Heights: 21 and 29.9. Widths: 37.7, 43.3, 54.5, 62.7, 71.2, 82.2, 87.9, and 101.7. Made in Italy.


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