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Nella Vetrina showcases a selection of luxury and high end designer Italian furniture which embodies the boldest work in luxury contemporary European design. They take inspiration from the world of modern art and fashion featured in a wide range of exquisite materials.

Our luxury Italian furniture includes case goods and upholstery in a variety of styles, each of which is guided by a particular sense for luxury and glamour. These pieces showcase the work of leading figures in the international design community, such as La Spada and Mazza; they are the last word in high end design. Among the beds, for example, we find such distinct styles as the Satyricon and the Loveboat: the headboard and footboard of the Satyricon, upholstered in violet fabric, resemble luxurious twin sofas capping the bed itself, while the Loveboat rests in a comparatively simple circular frame of sumptuous brown leather. Either would make the perfect centerpiece for a stylish bedroom. Our tables, sofas, chairs, mirrors, cabinets, and bookcases cover a similar range of styles, and showcase luxurious and exotic materials and finishes.

Although many of our high end furniture collections are ideal feature pieces, many have been designed as part of a wider environment. These luxury designs are best appreciated not alone, but alongside and in light of each other. The Satyricon bed, for example, is complemented by the deep Sulya armchair and the Cornelio dining table. In this way a coherent vision is built for the contemporary home, rather than a collection of striking pieces.

All designs from our luxury furniture collections are handmade in Italy by expert artisans according to the highest standards of craftsmanship. We can therefore assure both the quality of every piece and an unmatched flexibility: a piece can be created in any number of materials, finishes, and dimensions, to suit the needs of the customer.

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