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Nella Vetrina's luxury lighting collections are created by influential international designers, and meticulously handmade by expert craftsmen from the finest raw materials. In beauty, quality, and boldness of design, our selection of luxury lighting sets the bar for international design.

Our luxury lights are inspired by the worlds of contemporary fashion and art. Our pieces push the boundaries of contemporary design, and display at every turn an innovative beauty. They are not quiet, they celebrate themselves; each piece is a monument to the creativity of its designer and the skill of its creators.

Nella Vetrina's modern and contemporary luxury lighting includes the incredible hanging lights of our Terzani collection: the Atlantis is a waved metal oval over which hundreds of feet of ultra-fine nickel chain have been meticulously draped, creating the effect of a net being hauled from the sea; one cannot see this piece without marveling at the patience and skill of its craftsmen. Another Terzani light, the Angel Falls, consists of a dozen or more handmade crystal lights in the shape of human figures suspended from the ceiling at different heights, and illuminated by an LED lamp. The piece was designed by the maverick English artist Nigel Coates, and is among the most stylistically adventurous pieces featured by Nella Vetrina.

Our Errakis chandelier has a more organic look: it is a tear-drop mass of ivy-branches, synthetic resin and crystals, resembling some supernatural staghorn fern. The Ozero luxury hanging light, a curved dome from which hang thousands of exquisite crystals, calls to mind a showerhead captured with high-speed photography.

Because all of the luxury lights we showcase are individually crafted in Italy, we can offer an unparalleled flexibility of design. Our lights can be customized in their size, material, color, and finish, so that one can be found or created to suit any stylish modern home.

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