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Italian Designer Bathroom Faucets

At Nella Vetrina we believe that the subtlest design elements often add the finest touch to home décor. This belief gives us our passion for detail and informs our quest to perfect even the tiniest design attribute, whether color, material, or size. One collection that clearly shows this enthusiasm is our set of luxury bathroom faucets. Though certainly smaller than tubs and vanities, faucets, as well as showerheads are essential to bringing the design of a bathroom together.

Every model of faucet at Nella Vetrina shares a certain Italian sensibility created by our design team. We carry the work of designers like Elisa Ossino and the duo of Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, all of whom are renowned for their work on faucets and showerheads. Such an exceptional group of designers produces an exceptional range of products. There are few other places in which can one see such a diverse selection of bathroom fixtures.

A prime example of the range of designs can be found in comparing the Venezia, by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez with Elisa Ossino’s Fontane Bianche. The duo’s design draws its power from its shape and materials. Instead of simple tube, Thun and Rodriguez have selected a spout with a delicate hexagonal structure. This hexagon provides the perfect angle for the piece’s stainless steel structure to reflect the sun’s rays.

A touch of luxury can be added by handles in Murano glass. The Venezia faucet provides a true example of the beauty engendered through a fusion of modern and classic. Ossino’s Fontane Bianche, on the other hand, represents the thrilling result of a designer fully committed to a modern motif. The circular spout of Fontane Bianche consists of three rectangular lines joined at rounded edges. The handles compliment this modern affect with an industrial design. Yet the highlight of Fontane Bianche is the material. The matte gunmetal finish of the faucet provides a striking modern edge that makes this design one of a kind.

Nella Vetrina’s Designer Faucet Collection enables our customers to choose not only from a range of designs—like the planar Belvedere—but also a range of finishes and colors. Most faucets are not only available in common materials such as chrome and stainless steel, but also more exotic options like gold, nickel, and—at least in the case of the I Balocchi faucet—numerous colored matte finishes. Because we have such a strong relationship with our Italian design and manufacturing team, Nella Vetrina is able to guarantee the quality of each of its faucets, which adhere strictly to the highest of standards regarding water usage and environmental protection.