Nella Vetrina

Chandeliers - 440
  • 440

  • Number : 440/4+4
  • Type : Chandeliers
  • Material : Swarovski Crystal
  • Dimension :  
    24.0"H  x  26.0"Di
    24.0"H  x  28.0"Di
    32.0"H  x  38.0"Di
    36.0"H  x  44.0"Di
    32.0"H  x  36.0"Di
440/4+4 Swarovski Crystal Italian designer chandelier handmade in Swarovski elements with glass, fabric, and metal. Sizes available: 3 lights, 5 lights, 6 lights, and 8 lights. Colors: amber or transparent. Finishes: crystal, Swarovski, and topaz. Shade options: ivory and beige. Wall light, table lamp, and floor lamp version also available. Made in Italy.