Nella Vetrina

Chandeliers - 280
  • 280

  • Number : 280/12
  • Type : Chandeliers
  • Material : Swarovski Crystal
  • Dimension :  
    26.0"H  x  33.0"Di
    30.0"H  x  39.0"Di
    38.0"H  x  39.0"Di
    44.0"H  x  42.0"Di
    28.0"H  x  33.0"Di
280/12 Swarovski Crystal Italian designer chandelier handmade in Swarovski elements with crystal glass and metal finish. Sizes available: 6 lights, 8 lights, 10 lights, 12 lights, 15 lights and 24 lights. Colors: transparent chrome with spectra crystals or swarovski  and teak iron gray with golden teak Swarovski crystals. Wall light and table lamp version also available. Collection made with the highest quality materials, showcasing its elegance and beauty. Made in Italy.