Nella Vetrina

Hanging / Pendant Lights - Arc
  • Arc

  • Number :
  • Type : Hanging / Pendant Lights
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Dimension :  
    24.4"W  x  0.4"D  x  0.8"H
    36.2"W  x  0.4"D  x  0.8"H
    48.0"W  x  0.4"D  x  0.8"H
    39.0"W  x  0.4"D  x  6.7"H
    42.1"W  x  0.4"D  x  10.2"H
    44.9"W  x  0.4"D  x  20.5"H
    50.8"W  x  0.4"D  x  6.7"H
    53.9"W  x  0.4"D  x  10.2"H
    56.7"W  x  0.4"D  x  20.5"H
    62.6"W  x  0.4"D  x  6.7"H
    65.7"W  x  0.4"D  x  10.2"H
    68.5"W  x  0.4"D  x  20.5"H
Arc hanging light shown with anodized aluminum structure. Italian aluminum hanging light produced using the highest quality of curved and straight materials.  Available in black, bronze and natural aluminum. Ceiling rose in steel. Various sizes available to meet your needs. Made in Italy.


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