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Nella Vetrina’s luxury marble furniture thrives on precision and innovation. Sourced from the quarries of Carrara, Italy, our unique marbles are combined with cutting edge modern technologies and skilled Italian craftsman to form truly one of a kind creations.

The long tradition of Italian marble can be traced through numerous works of art, from the columns of Rome’s majestic buildings to the sculptures of Michelangelo right down to the contemporary artworks created by Nella Vetrina’s designers. This tradition is an essential part of working in such an exquisite material as marble; for the technique and skill that it demands of our artisan carvers is by no means small. The master craftsman knows this stone as well as the sculptor and uses his hands to form marble furniture that is no less beautiful. We rely on our skilled Italian craftsman to make the perfect cuts, produce the straightest lines, and carve the most striking curves, a true contrast between technology and nature to form pieces that are true works of sculptural art.

The finest element of our designer marble furniture often comes in the contrast between the precise in which each piece is carved and the luscious natural veins of the stone. Because this stone is completely natural—from the Italian quarries of Carrara—each piece has unique features that are entirely its own. This aspect of our collection is most stunning in pieces like the Shiro shelf, whose gray Marmo marble stretches across the back of the case, as it is flecked with wild white lines. Equally thrilling is the Ruis marble coffee table, shaped into a perfect square to better showcase the material. Ruis comes in two types of marble, carrara vagli and Cedarstone. We find the warm honey base and creamy veins of the Cedarstone the best color combination for this piece.

The Nella Vetrina Marble Collection also lends itself to numerous eclectic designs. The Pave bench stacks one rounded stone on top of another, producing an object fit for an East Asian garden. The For Hall series of tables uses sixteen slender sticks to support the round slab of black- and rust-veined Sahara noir marble. Yet our most eclectic piece of stone furniture is Hansel. This deluxe coffee table is not made of marble, but rather alabaster, which is by no means less elegant. Yet the alabaster differs in several ways from marble. Its veins are shallower, at times rougher, which produces a layered effect. The designers have done an exceptional job of bringing out these features through a high-tech LED backlight that shines through the warm honey and cool white of the table’s multi-colored alabaster top.

To find out more about our range of marble and stone varieties across our collections or to inquire regarding creating custom marble furniture designs for both residential or hospitality projects, please inquire with our showroom design team.