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Of all the materials from which luxury furniture can be crafted, wood proves to be the one with the longest history and broadest range of styles. This material continues to fascinate our designers, who at one moment, will draft a wooden piece resembling Italian furniture of the 17th or 18th century and the next will use the same material to construct something utterly modern, drawing on influences as wide-ranging as Asian minimalism or the furious, vicissitudes of mid-20th-century jazz. Nella Vetrina presents its collection of designer wooden furniture, a collection of dazzling variety that offers pieces to suit any style.

The defining element of Nella Vetrina’s Wood Collection is our commitment to exceptional materials and the craftsmen who work in them. The world gives designers access to a vast range of woods, gathered from places exotic and domestic. The keen eyes of our design team can discern the perfect woods for each of their concepts. Working in oak, Italian cherrywood, American walnut, ash, lati, wenge, or ebony, our international team brings out the inherent beauty of each of these woods through the perfect combination of shape and lacquered finishes. Our team of Italian artisans proves to be an equally important part of the process. They possess an incredible knowledge of each distinct wood type that allows them to shape the raw timber into refined works of art. It is a process one must see to truly comprehend its magnificence.

The most distinctive transformations are those undergone in our traditional luxury styles. The Pierrot Gueridon series of coffee and accent tables, for instance, exhibits a shocking thinness that exudes refinement in any space it occupies. While this design showcases the exotic thrill of ebony makassar wood, other woods lend themselves to different purposes. Black ash perfectly suits the concept of the Zhu chair, which draws on the simplicity of East Asian furniture to form the ideal modern dining chair. Equally compelling are the Lui chair and Gueta dining table, which exploit the rich natural grains of American walnut to lend depth to modern designs. Beyond wooden tables and chairs, Nella Vetrina also features numerous varieties of wooden casegoods, such as the Ginevra credenza, which juxtaposes the deep sepia tones of natural burnt oak panels with the gleam of bronze handles.

Yet wood in its natural state provides only half of the beauty of our wooden furniture. The other half is completed by the numerous matte and glossy lacquers that allow our wooden collection to take on as many styles as can be dreamed. Nella Vetrina’s staff will gladly respond to any inquiries on color selection, material, and size, as well as custom requests.

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