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Nella Vetrina's collection of bedroom furniture encompasses an incredibly wide range of styles and features.

To offer the look of classic luxury we have plush beds, sturdy wooden dressers, and numerous tasteful bedside tables. For our customers with a modern sensibility, we seize on recent developments in design to offer contemporary looks, complete with bright colors, oblique shapes, and innovative concepts. While our designs and designers create unique pieces, one thing remains consistent throughout our collection: the absolute quality of our materials. Nella Vetrina has established strong relationships with all of our Italian suppliers, which employ artisans who are committed to perfecting their craft in every piece.

Our luxury collection of beds gives both designers and artisans the opportunity to showcase their talents. The Gregory bed provides a fitting example of the achievements that the union of excellence in design and quality can create. Gregory’s headboard inspires an observer to view the piece more deeply through a fascinating, sensuous stitched oval pattern. This pattern is produced by exquisite Italian upholstery, available in numerous leather and fabric options. A choice of chrome, golden, or bronze frame provides the perfect complement to the utterly luxuriant Gregory.

For our customers desiring a more contemporary style, Nella Vetrina recommends a range of modern beds that easily match the excitement so many feel when viewing a modern piece. Through its name the Bold modern bed establishes its engagement with exciting, new design concepts. Bold adheres to the modernist sensibility of formalism and linearity through its understated shape that asserts itself through nothing more than a slight curve in its thick headboard. Yet the beauty of this simple design is that it allows the genuine leather upholstery, handcrafted by Italian artisans, to truly shine.

While a luxury bed provides the centerpiece of a bedroom, the room’s design remains incomplete without a tasteful selection of other furniture such as chests of drawers, nightstands, mirrors, and vanity tables. While Nella Vetrina offers a wonderful selection in all of these pieces, we are exceptionally proud of our folding screens and room dividers. Our elegant screen collection boasts pieces like Pixel, designed by the Italian sculptor Paulo Icaro Chissoti, whose work has been collected by the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. Yet another screen, Riparo, was designed by the award-winning Antonio Pio Saracino and consists of four panels of mirrored stainless steel.

Nella Vetrina’s primary concern is to bring furniture of the utmost quality to our customers’ homes. This is why we seek out award-winning European designers and employ Italian artisans who are masters of their respective crafts. The result is the stunning range of modern and luxury furniture in our contemporary bedroom collection.