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Marble Bathroom Vanities

Marble, though a simple stone, contributes some of the most splendid examples of architecture and furniture that this world knows. Quarried in the Mediterranean from antiquity on, marble first became associated with Italy during the reign of Augustus, who is said to have entered Rome while it was a city of brick and left it as a city of marble. When we see this material in a modern bathroom, we immediately connect it to the decadence of a Roman bath. It produces a feeling of unmatched luxury.

Nella Vetrina’s collection of marble bathroom vanities specializes in designs that maintain this classicist sense of luxury in a form updated for the 21st century. Our bathroom vanities represent Italy’s connection to marble at every level of production—from the material’s extraction in Italian quarries through the stonemasons that sculpt the material to the designers whose visions they fulfill.

Our most beautiful designs allow the marble to speak for itself. The Loto Easel vanity proves the perfect medium for its exquisite white calacatta marble. The purity of this marble’s shiny white body, especially when contrasted with the piece’s deep gray veining, provides a thrill to any viewer. The simplicity of its support, in wooden, glass or metal legs draws the focus to the marble basin. Other marbles contribute to an entirely different aesthetic. For instance, the Puro bathroom vanity exploits the darker emperador marble to dramatic effect. This marble top contains green, brown, and black hues interspersed with bold white veining. It provides the perfect complement to Puro’s dark oak body.

Nella Vetrina’s collection also includes numerous pieces in stone, a material that draws several subtle distinctions from its marble brethren. The highlight of Nella Vetrina’s stone and marble vanities is without a doubt the Nahbi series. This series of basins and vanities includes several exciting gemstone and marble options. Red alicante gemstone provides a warm, sensuous feeling, much different from the cool reserve of its black marquina or green ming gemstone models. Other options for Nahbi include white calcatta and gray st. marie marble. Other stone designs include the Origine bathroom vanity, which provides a modern instance of geometrical precision that perfectly suits the shades of violet, brown, gray, and red in its stone finish.

Nella Vetrina prides itself on the wide selection of available marble and stone models. Like the Nahbi series many of our designs use multiple types of marble, stone and colors to produce unique aesthetics. Please inquire with any requests for samples or customization.

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