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Nella Vetrina offers an extensive selection of designer Italian glass furniture. Our collection brings together the work of dozens of leading designers, demonstrating that a focus on one material, far from limiting creativity, can bring out the unique essence of a designer’s vision.

Our selection of modern Italian glass furniture is, perhaps unexpectedly, one of our most complicated and diverse collections. It features the creations of dozens of truly influential designers, each of whom has found unmistakable and original forms. The D’Urbino-Lomazzi artistic duo have created a number of striking tables, including the Rosa del Deserto, which rests on a beautiful, geometric flower of shaded glass; Karim Rashid, one of the most prolific of his generation, contributes the Kat table, composed of three intersecting egg-like profiles; and Isao Hosoe has designed the ethereal Shiki mirror, in which one circle glides around the other at a touch. The only restriction of our Italian glass furniture is the medium; within that, you will find an incredible variety of styles flourishing.

Our contemporary designer glass furniture brings cutting-edge technology to this ancient material; for example, a unique bonding agent which allows for nearly invisible seams has opened up a whole world of designs that would otherwise have been impractical. See, for example, our Elica accent table, which is supported by a double helix of fanning lines, or the Albero, a seemingly impossible bookcase. Cutting-edge designs like these advance global furniture design; they open up new roads and will serve as points of reference for years to come.

Each piece of our collection is handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen. They are all, therefore, of the highest quality and durability. This process also ensures the flexibility of our designs: we can offer many of our designer glass furniture designs in a range of sizes to suit the customer’s taste.