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Nella Vetrina's collection of modern and contemporary designer lighting features the innovative work of leading European and international lighting designers. Our pieces form the front lines of international design, and their construction showcases the work of our master craftsmen.

While they are in an unmistakably a contemporary style, our modern designer lights reflect a deep knowledge of the history of design, fashion, and art. The collection includes the work of such famed designers as Achille Castiglioni, Samuele Mazza, Alessandro La Spada, and Nigel Coates; each designer brings his or her own distinct vision to the work, and an abundant variety of styles results. Even within our Italamp collection, we showcase everything from traditionally inspired floral glassworks to the aptly named Caos modern hanging light, which features swooping tubes of blown glass, each of which is tipped with a white or red bulb.

Our contemporary designer lighting showcases luxurious and exotic materials, like the Swarovski crystal pearls of our Excalibur floor lamp, or the ivy branches and synthetic resin of the Errakis chandelier. First and foremost among the materials displayed is traditional Murano glass. The Venetian island of Murano has been known across the world for centuries as a capital of artisanal glassworks. Each piece of Murano glass features a unique pattern of distinctive waves and bubbles. No two are ever alike, because it is impossible to create the same piece twice. Every modern light that incorporates modern glass becomes thereby a truly one-of-a-kind artwork.

All of Nella Vetrina's collections are individually handcrafted in Italy so not only is every piece of the very highest quality, they are all available with a wide range of custom sizes, materials, finishes, and colors. A modern designer light from Nella Vetrina can therefore be created to suit any space. For more information on custom designed lighting creations for both residential and hospitality spaces, please inquire.

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