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Contemporary Bathroom Furniture

Contemporary design has produced a wonderful array of bathroom furniture and vanities. Nella Vetrina hopes to enlighten the public on the full range of different furniture through its Contemporary Bathroom Vanities Collection. Stretching across a range of motifs, such as modern and luxury, these pieces exhibit everything from precise geometric shapes to exquisite materials and the occasional combination of both.

The first focus of our Contemporary Collection is the materials; for these provide the essence of each piece. Since all our furniture is imported directly from Italy, most of our materials originate there as well. Our marble, for instance, hails from Italian quarries while much of our glass comes from Venice and the surrounding areas—a region which has been renowned for its glassmaking for hundreds of years. These raw materials are then refined by expert artisans who have plied their crafts for many years and transformed into the designs envisioned by our international team.

Although this approach, focusing on the materials and refinement of each stage of the process, can be painstaking, its results remain unmatched. Take the Origine series as an excellent case in point. This contemporary modular vanity consists of two cases available in several distinct materials and colors. The organic look and feel of wood with a clear lacquer provides a warm look of traditional distinction. In contrast the Origine vanity comes across as starkly cooler in its stone varieties, one of which adds a lustrous touch of red to its dark gray and black hues.

Since many in our international team of designers hail from Italy, it is no surprise that some of our most stunning vanities are in marble, a material with a strong historical connection to Italy. One of the marble highlights of our Contemporary Bathroom Collection is Academy, whose surface, in marble and a variety of high-tech glasses, perfectly suits the minimalist metal supports. Some of our pieces eschew traditional materials to indulge in the beauty of technology. The Touch vanity comes in a technologically advanced eco-mortar cement, perfect for a bold contemporary look. It can also be found in a rich, natural American walnut finish as well as over thirty colored lacquers.

Nella Vetrina offers a magnificent variety of bathroom vanities. From the range of materials and designs to the colored lacquers that give them a sense of glamour and style, our Contemporary Bathroom Collection features a selection as diverse and beautiful as the contemporary world that they inhabit. Please inquire about our selection of colors or for material samples.

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