Nella Vetrina

Sofas / Sofa Chairs - Bastian
  • Bastian

  • Number :
  • Type : Sofas / Sofa Chairs
  • Material : Leather
  • Dimension :  
    90.9"W  x  37.4"D  x  30.7"H
    76.0"W  x  37.4"D  x  29.5"H
    76.0"W  x  37.4"D  x  30.7"H
    32.3"W  x  13.8"D  x  17.7"H
    14.2"W  x  25.2"D  x  17.7"H
    110.2"W  x  37.4"D  x  29.5"H
Bastian central right, lateral right and lateral left sectional sofa upholstered in suede with back plates in Siena lacquered finish. Bastian-still sofa composed of fabric Malta leather with back plates in sanitized Siena lacquered finish. Bastian-Still pouf upholstered in leather with piping in Malta leather and finish in sanitize Siena lacquer. This luxury modern furniture room combines fashion with furniture. A wide selection of fabrics and leathers are available to choose from (samples available upon request). Furniture available in various sizes. Made in Italy.


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